From the Ground up

Steve Mathura and Keith Nexar decided to open an Advertising Agency that fostered a more intimate relationship with its clientele.

Today, Advantage Advertising has successfully maintained this philosophy and built the business into a dynamic medium-sized, full-service operation. We are highly regarded for our thorough research, perceptive strategic thinking, creative service and production standards.

Advantage is a member of both The Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad & Tobago (AAATT) and the Trinidad & Tobago Publishing & Broadcasting Association (TTPBA).

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+Our Vision – Our point of view

We see Communication as an Unbreakable Connection – between ourselves and the people we serve, between our clients and the people they serve.

+Our Mission – Our promise. Our intention

To connect harmoniously and with positivity to our partners and end-consumers. To do so through the ideals of service, truth and the creation of empowering communications for the benefit and enrichment of all.

+Our Core Values

Attention – we listen. We must learn all there is about your product or service as well as business goals.

Discernment – extensive industry experience and knowledge of emerging trends provide an ability to explore opportunities and find dynamic solutions.

Commitment – partnering with you to achieve your goals is our promise to you.

Achievement – is defined by the success we share in fulfilling your desires and goals.

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Our Services

We are much more than an advertising agency we are innovators in the field of communication and are well versed in all traditional and new-media platforms.

Development of StrategiesOur team of communication specialists are adept at developing short, medium and long-term Communication, Creative and Marketing Strategies.

Design and PublicationsFrom press ads and packaging to interior design and annual reports or graphic designers are some of the best in the business.

Marketing ResearchUnderstanding our target audience is essential.  We can conduct informal research to help guide our communication.

Events/InitiativesFrom a media event and product launch to nation building initiatives like the public art exhibition on the Oval Wall…we conceptualise, plan and implement.


Media MonitoringAre your ads running when they are scheduled?  We can have this monitored and verified by a team of media professionals.

Web and Social MediaFrom web design to management of all social platforms we make it happen.

Digital MediaFrom concept to execution we develop messages for all forms of electronic media including: Facebook, flash banners, digital signs and of course radio and television.

Innovative Media PlatformsWe are the sole authorised vendor for all PTSC fleet & terminal real estate.

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Our Clients



 We’ve helped some of our clients

increase sales by over 40% with just one campaign.

Increased Sales
Over 40%

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Our Portfolio

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We are always interested in new Brand Ambassadors, Models, Voice Talent or Actors.

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